Causes of Broken Tongue and How to Overcome It

Cracked tongue is a condition that affects the surface of the tongue. In medical terms, chapped tongue has another term, namely lingua plicata, scrotal tongue, or fissured tongue. Although generally not dangerous, it never hurts to pay attention to the causes and how to overcome them, so that this condition does not cause other disorders of the mouth. In many cases, adults more often experience chapped tongue and this condition will get worse with age. Chapped tongue has a characteristic that is easily recognized, in the form of shallow or deep grooves that form on the upper tongue or the edge of the tongue. The depth and size of the grooves vary and can meet one another, causing the tongue to look chapped. This condition does not cause complaints, except if there are food debris already stuck in the gully. Causes of Broken Tongue Until now, the exact cause of a chapped tongue is still not clearly known. However, there are several factors that can increase the risk of chapped ton…
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